IDEO is known as a pioneer of human-centered design—putting people at the center of our work. This approach has come to be known as design thinking. Their methods continue to advance in response to new challenges, for instance by launching innovation labs, creating pop-up incubators, live-prototyping new businesses, and designing in code. (IDEO).

Participatory design is an approach taken by certain design groups that aim to actively involve the public in the design process to ensure that the results meet their needs. IDEO, a global design company is knows as a pioneer of human centred design. Their methods involve helping large organisations move quickly and small companies thrive by putting the needs of people first. They also link technology to everyday needs and design human centred products, services and organisations that empower communities, cities and countries.

A project that caught my attention was the Designing the Future Kitchen project. Undertaken with the help of IDEO, Ikea and a group of students from Lund and Eindhoven universities explored the   social, technological, and demographic forces that are expected to influence human behaviour around food in 2025. After months of analysing peoples notion and attitudes on cooking and eating, IDEO guided them as they built the concept kitchen products(Concept kitchen 2025, 2015).

After watching the tutorial video of how the kitchen table is used, I was captivated by the final outcome. The prototype worked magnificently and brought the counter top to life. A camera observes what happens on the table and graphics are projected back onto the surface. Not only is it a preparation surface and dining table, it would be used as a work bench and children’s play area. Suggestions are made based on the foods you have available at home, time and effort you’re willing to put in a recipe. With advice given on how to cut and prepare certain foods, this table should cut down prep time. Also equipped with a scale, baking batters where never this easy to prepare. Temperature settings could also be modified on the kitchen table, allowing you to boil, fry or sear with a set timer.

I truly found IDEO to be inspirational in many different forms, but creating a table for living for humans of the future based on our behaviours today seems like an exceptional idea only IDEO could undertake and succeed in assembling.

Concept kitchen 2025 (2015) Available at: (Accessed: 8 February 2017).

Ideo Available at: (Accessed: 8 February 2017).

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